Source code for ray.tune.track.session

from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import division
from __future__ import print_function

import os
from datetime import datetime

from ray.tune.trial import Trial
from ray.tune.logger import UnifiedLogger, Logger

class _ReporterHook(Logger):
    def __init__(self, tune_reporter):
        self.tune_reporter = tune_reporter

    def on_result(self, metrics):
        return self.tune_reporter(**metrics)

[docs]class TrackSession(object): """Manages results for a single session. Represents a single Trial in an experiment. Attributes: trial_name (str): Custom trial name. experiment_dir (str): Directory where results for all trials are stored. Each session is stored into a unique directory inside experiment_dir. upload_dir (str): Directory to sync results to. trial_config (dict): Parameters that will be logged to disk. _tune_reporter (StatusReporter): For rerouting when using Tune. Will not instantiate logging if not None. """ def __init__(self, trial_name="", experiment_dir=None, upload_dir=None, trial_config=None, _tune_reporter=None): self._experiment_dir = None self._logdir = None self._upload_dir = None self.trial_config = None self._iteration = -1 self.is_tune_session = bool(_tune_reporter) self.trial_id = Trial.generate_id() if trial_name: self.trial_id = trial_name + "_" + self.trial_id if self.is_tune_session: self._logger = _ReporterHook(_tune_reporter) self._logdir = _tune_reporter.logdir else: self._initialize_logging(trial_name, experiment_dir, upload_dir, trial_config) def _initialize_logging(self, trial_name="", experiment_dir=None, upload_dir=None, trial_config=None): if upload_dir: raise NotImplementedError("Upload Dir is not yet implemented.") # TODO(rliaw): In other parts of the code, this is `local_dir`. if experiment_dir is None: experiment_dir = os.path.join(DEFAULT_RESULTS_DIR, "default") self._experiment_dir = os.path.expanduser(experiment_dir) # TODO(rliaw): Refactor `logdir` to `trial_dir`. self._logdir = Trial.create_logdir(trial_name, self._experiment_dir) self._upload_dir = upload_dir self.trial_config = trial_config or {} # misc metadata to save as well self.trial_config["trial_id"] = self.trial_id self._logger = UnifiedLogger(self.trial_config, self._logdir)
[docs] def log(self, **metrics): """Logs all named arguments specified in `metrics`. This will log trial metrics locally, and they will be synchronized with the driver periodically through ray. Arguments: metrics: named arguments with corresponding values to log. """ self._iteration += 1 # TODO: Implement a batching mechanism for multiple calls to `log` # within the same iteration. metrics_dict = metrics.copy() metrics_dict.update({"trial_id": self.trial_id}) # TODO: Move Trainable autopopulation to a util function metrics_dict.setdefault(TRAINING_ITERATION, self._iteration) self._logger.on_result(metrics_dict)
def close(self): self.trial_config["trial_completed"] = True self.trial_config["end_time"] = # TODO(rliaw): Have Tune support updated configs self._logger.update_config(self.trial_config) self._logger.close() @property def logdir(self): """Trial logdir (subdir of given experiment directory)""" return self._logdir