Source code for ray.tune.stopper

[docs]class Stopper: """Base class for implementing a Tune experiment stopper. Allows users to implement experiment-level stopping via ``stop_all``. By default, this class does not stop any trials. Subclasses need to implement ``__call__`` and ``stop_all``. .. code-block:: python import time from ray import tune from ray.tune import Stopper class TimeStopper(Stopper): def __init__(self): self._start = time.time() self._deadline = 300 def __call__(self, trial_id, result): return False def stop_all(self): return time.time() - self._start > self.deadline, num_samples=200, stop=TimeStopper()) """ def __call__(self, trial_id, result): """Returns true if the trial should be terminated given the result.""" raise NotImplementedError
[docs] def stop_all(self): """Returns true if the experiment should be terminated.""" raise NotImplementedError
class NoopStopper(Stopper): def __call__(self, trial_id, result): return False def stop_all(self): return False class FunctionStopper(Stopper): def __init__(self, function): self._fn = function def __call__(self, trial_id, result): return self._fn(trial_id, result) def stop_all(self): return False @classmethod def is_valid_function(cls, fn): is_function = callable(fn) and not issubclass(type(fn), Stopper) if is_function and hasattr(fn, "stop_all"): raise ValueError( "Stop object must be ray.tune.Stopper subclass to be detected " "correctly.") return is_function